Lucky 13: A Touch of Tuscany & Chinese Splendour

The number 13 is considered to have great spiritual significance and to be very lucky in both Italy and China, so for those of you getting married this year it looks like you will have a lifetime of happiness together. Plus, all of those superstitious couples who were too afraid to get married in 2013 must have left some choice venues for everyone else! Chinese Zodiac Year of the Snake 2013 (people born in 1965, 1977, 1989) is supposed to be a financially lucky year. Chinese themes and colour palettes:

  • Chinese lanterns, parasols, fans
  • Burnt orange, cherry red, vibrant pink, bright yellow, antique gold, deep purples
  • Cherry blossom, orchids and lotus flowers
  • Banquet feasting on long tables
  • Tranquil gardens with leafy canopies

A touch of Tuscany themes and colour palettes:

  • Sharing Italian breads, oil and juicy olives
  • A late afternoon ceremony with syrupy Tuscan like sunshine streaming through the windows of a rural church
  • A garden with frescos and a string quartet playing Puccini
  • Elegant ivory, antique lace and gold, silvers, olive green
  • Rosemary, olive trees, lilies, sunflowers, irises
  • Tables bowing with beautiful desserts, wines, prosecco and bellinis
  • Lambrettas, vespas and classic Fiat 500s to get the Groom to the venue in style!
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