Get Crafty

It has become very popular to have homemade craft decorations and centrepieces at weddings. You can buy a variety of items from online shops such as Dot Com Giftshop, but, these can be pricey especially if you need to buy in bulk.

To get the homemade look there is no better way than to get crafty yourself.

  • If you find the prospect of making your own decorations overwhelming, organise a craft day; invite your friends and family, especially those with a creative flare. Within the space of a day, with your very own little craft factory, you should be able to produce the bulk of your decorations in one go. Craft fairs can also be a good places to get inspiration and enables you to see how items have actually been put together.

  • Most ideas will be online so browse Youtube for ‘how to’ guides in preparation for your craft day.

  • Make sure you have all the relevant craft items you need in order to make your decorations. You don’t have to spend a lot, online craft stores such as The Essentials Company or flower arranging suppliers offer good deals on basics.

  • Put a little ‘how to guide’ together for your team which details clear instructions. Perhaps make one decoration for reference which should illustrate to your team exactly how you want them to look.

Popular decorations

  • Paper flowers
  • Hanging paper balls
  • Button Bouquets
  • Wish trees
  • Labels, tags & flags
  • Place cards
  • Bunting & paper chains


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