A French Fairytale – Châteaus & Vineyards

For something a bit different, why not take the party to France! With a more reliable climate and all that rolling beautiful French countryside why wait. Majestic château’s make the ideal background for your dream wedding – make sure you do your homework, there are strict rules around getting married in France, most couples have their legal marriage in the UK then have a blessing at their French dream venue.

Style ideas:

  • Grand long tables with candelabras & chandeliers
  • Stunning landscapes and gardens for great photos
  • Wild flowers such as fragrant lavender or summery sunflowers
  • Beautiful French patisserie treats – coloured macarons or croquembouche towers
  • Traditional champagne or delicious wines straight from the vineyard
  • Rustic cheese and bread boards
  • Assorted colours such as pastels, creams or summer brights.



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